EKS MESH: Hero's Hearts

EKS MESH: Hero's Hearts 1.13

Hero's Hearts is a puzzle game,no quick reflexes are needed, only quick thinking
1.13 (See all)

MESH:Hero's Hearts is a puzzle game, no quick reflexes are needed (or useful), only quick thinking. It's your challenge to move the Hero around the playfield and pick up all of the Hearts, then reach the Exit. (But don't get trapped or killed along the way!) Each time the Hero is moved, other objects on the playfield may (or may not) move also. Watch out for Rocks, Arrows, Creepers, Worms, Fire, and other objects potentially hazardous to the Hero's health. Learn to use Rafts, Bridges, Balls, Rollers, Balloons, LandPlugs, and many other objects to help you solve the puzzles.

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